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EnsoMOSAIC image processing software

EnsoMOSAIC photogrammetric software is used to orthorectify digital images taken with any frame camera, including large format photogrammetric cameras.EnsoMOSAIC has a complete set of functions for aerial image processing integrated in one package:
  • Image orientation
  • Automatic aerial triangulation
  • Generation of surface model
  • Calculation of oriented and orthoimages
  • Image mosaicking
  • Colour balancing
EnsoMOSAIC mapping software is fully automatic and all above functions can be run within few hours after the survey. Project completion does not require highly-trained personnel. EnsoMOSAIC results are immediately visible in Google earth or any GIS package.

As input EnsoMOSAIC requires:
  • Images, in any common format
  • GPS coordinates, from GPS
  • Camera parameters, estimated or calculated with RapiCal
GPS coordinates can be applied from EnsoMOSAIC in-flight-electronics or from any GPS on board. Coordinates must be syncronized with camera triggering in order to have high quality output.

In addition, these can be used in the process, but are not required:
  • Initial image orientation, i.e. Roll-Pitch-Yaw or Omega-Phi-Kappa, to decrease procesing time
  • Ground control points, to improve accuracy

Please refer to the Download page to see a set of short videos of image processing with EnsoMOSAIC.